Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Simple Things in Life

As I mentioned already, my son and daughter have both been home for the holidays, but my daughter left late Saturday night. Tonight my son and his girlfriend will be leaving because the band he's in starts up another tour tomorrow. For anyone who might be new to this blog, he's a musician (the drummer) for a band that tours full time, so his life is made up of traveling on a daily basis. He's been doing this since May 2006, so some of the simplest things in life are things that he doesn't get to take advantage of anymore. Just to mention a few of those things....sleeping in a bed, going to church every Sunday, taking Sunday afternoon naps.....these are things he no longer gets to do. So this afternoon when we came home after church and going out to lunch, it was raining outside; one of those afternoons you just want to stay inside and read or watch TV. I thought this was so cute -- my son got so excited and ran to his room to put on some comfortable clothes because he said it had been such a long time since he'd been able to take a Sunday afternoon nap. It made me so happy to see him so excited over the most simple thing. I'm so glad he got to live a sort of normal life, if only for a week.

Aaron and Meghan


74WIXYgrad said...


You have been awarded one of the coveted Top Banana awards for 2007. Come over to WIXY's Gone Bananas to pick it up.

Amel's Realm said...

They look GREAT together and the simple things in life are THE BEST!!!!!!!!! ;-D

I can imagine Aaron doing what you described in this post hi hi hi hi...;-D

Sindi said...

I just love to read about your family and to see that your son has found such a nice young lady. I hope when my son is old enough that he finds someone just as special. God bless :)