Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas in Pictures

We went to my parents house on Christmas Day. The first picture is when I gave my mom the special gift I made for her.
Dear Mom,
I hope that you will like this gift I made for you. I think sometimes we buy gifts for people at Christmas without much thought behind it, but we do it just to have something to give. But I want you to know that there was a lot of thought and a lot of time put into making this particular gift. Since you are missing the hymns being sung at church, I wanted to give you a CD with your favorite hymns on it. I spent many hours recording your favorites as well as my sisters’ and my favorites, and then adding other instrumental sounds using my synthesizer. There is no singing, just music, but hopefully they are played simply enough straight out of the hymnal so that you can sing along as you listen. It is far from perfect (like me) and there’s not a lot of fancy piano playing, but there is a lot of love behind it and a lot of thankfulness to you and Daddy for giving me the gift of music. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I love you and Daddy so much!

My husband was so proud of his "A Plea for Purging" hoodie that Aaron gave him!

Alex, my nephew, opening a gift. Seated on sofa is my son, Aaron, my brother-in-law, Robert, and my sister, Angie.

Chaos in the kitchen at my parents house.

My daughter, Leah, and her boyfriend, Thomas, by my mother's Christmas tree.

Thomas gave Leah some hunting clothes!

At our house on Christmas Eve, all six cousins on my husband's side of the family together for the first time in many years. We have a picture from every Christmas of all the boys holding up Leah, the only girl cousin.

At our house on Christmas Eve, Eddie's brother Frank always plays his accordian -- these are his two sons with him. I thought this picture was funny.


Amel's Realm said...

AWWWWWWW these are FUN pictures indeed!!! ;-D The houses look COZY he he he he he...;-D

I can't help smiling looking at your hubby's face. Even if you didn't tell us how proud he was, it's SO obvious in his face HE HE HE...;-D GREAT!!!

I love every pic and it seems that you're having SUCH A GREAT TIME together! ;-D

Kay said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

BP said...

I LOVE your Christmas pictures!! The one holding up your daughter looks like a fun tradition!

Your gift to your Mom was very special. That is so sweet and thoughtful.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Kathy
Great pictures.Your son looks just like his dad....
I will get my stepson to check out the pics.
Last year I wanted a CD of the hymns sungas they were supposed to be sung and thank God for Ipods,I now have it.I know your mom really appreciated that gift.

Lori said...

I just love all the pictures of your wonderful family.

It looks like you all had lots of fun!

Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. It looks like lots of fun and love.

74WIXYgrad said...

There's nothing that I can add to whats been written here in the comments section.

But I think that gift to your mother was very thoughtful and very much from the heart.

Sindi said...

That was a very special gift that you gave to your Mother. I am Happy to see that you had a great Christ+mas. I also hope you have a very happy new year too. I loved the pictures of your family:)

sister sheri said...

I love the hymn cd. There are a lot of folks who miss the hymns. How thoughtful!! My fav hymn is "The Old Rugged Cross."