Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

This year started out a little rough, but steadily got better. Because I started blogging about halfway through the year, I can remember the second half much better than the first half. However I do remember that in January, bad things happened to both of my kids and when things happen to my kids, it is so much worse for me than if it had happened to myself. First, Aaron's band got stranded in a snow storm and then on the same weekend, their money box was stolen. It had every bit of money they had made. It really broke my heart for them. The second bad thing that happened was that a guy that Leah had previously dated left some threatening messages on her voicemail. It was really frightening so she had to go to the police about it. Thank God for her friends who stayed with her for support during that time!

Things started getting better after that and I'll just briefly mention some of the highlights of my year....we got a new look in our kitchen - new stove, countertops, floor, sink, painted walls instead of wallpaper; we went to two different CD release parties in Nashville; the band got signed to a record label; I went to Tampa with my sister to visit her son; went to a "hip-hop church" in Tampa; Eddie and I went to Helen, Georgia; went to Rush of Fools concert at my church; Leah and I went to the beach with my youngest sister and her three kids; went to the beach with Eddie and Leah; had Eddie's 50th birthday celebration; went to several Plea concerts in several different locations; housed and fed numerous bands several times; a wonderful Christmas season with loved ones.

Now, the nest is empty again and while I miss everyone, it's not really bad. I've been so busy the last month having so many different ones at our house and constantly providing food and hospitality, it's nice to have some down time before having to return to my job. I think the thing I've learned the most over the past year is to be flexible. I've learned that with only a moments notice I might suddenly have to feed a bunch of people. But it's okay if I haven't had a week to plan and buy groceries and clean house. Being flexible is so much better than having to stick to a strict schedule and try to make sure that everything goes exactly as planned. Being flexible also includes what I mentioned before about not setting my expectations too high, only to be disappointed. This lesson learned is one that I plan to keep in my life because it makes me and everyone around me much happier.

I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I love my family and friends, and I love all my new friends I've made this year through blogging. I wish for each of you a very happy new year. God bless you!

I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:1


Amel's Realm said...

LOVE this post, Kathy, especially the message about being flexible. I also need to learn to be more flexible 'coz I'm basically a planner (I was born and raised that way) HE HE HE HE HE HE...

God bless your family too in every aspect of life!!!

Praise the Lord as this has truly been a WONDERFUL ADVENTUROUS year for me HE HE HE HE...and without my blogging friends, I have probably undergone major stress since I had no other adults to talk to or to share anything he he he...

THANK YOU for your friendship and hope we have many more wonderful friendship years to come. I have learnt A LOT from you and I'm looking forward to learning more!!! ;-D


Kay said...

I am trying to learn to be more of a planner! LOL
Happy New Year, Kathy! Thanks for being my friend.

Sandi said...

Isn't it just wonderful weather we are planner or flexable our Lord is steadfast and dependable.
I loved getting to know you over the year.