Wednesday, September 26, 2007


For a while, I was having a lot of headaches, it seemed like on a daily basis almost. At first I thought it was because of the extreme heat we were having, but I kept having the headaches when the weather got a little cooler. I tried to look up things I could do rather than keep taking Tylenol or medicines, and I found out that when people have migranes, one of the first things they have to do is cut out the caffeine from their diet. Well, I like to drink coffee in the morning when I wake up. I decided that rather than completely stop drinking the coffee, to start out by cutting the amount I drink in half. I started that about a week ago and I don't know if it's my imagination or what, but I haven't been having the headaches. It has really taken a lot of self-discipline to make myself stop drinking as much coffee as before. Then I thought about something -- hey, if I'm able to discipline myself to drink less coffee, I should be able to do that with food also. So, what I've decided to do in the area of food is to eat healthy things at the times that I was eating junk foods. For example, when I get home from work, I always want to grab some potato chips or corn chips because I'm so hungry right then and I haven't made dinner yet. But this week instead of the chips, I've been eating baby carrots. Okay, I do have to cheat a little and dip them in some ranch dip, but at least I used the "light" sour cream to make the dip! So, hopefully I can change my ways of eating and be a healthier person.

Something else that is healthy for people to do is to smile and laugh. It's true and proven! Here are some reasons to smile: (1) We look better so people are more attracted to us; (2) It helps us to be in a better mood; (3) It helps other people to smile; (4) Relieves stress; (5) Boosts immune system; (6) Lowers blood pressure. And I could go on and on..... Amel's blog, Amel's Realm is something that makes me smile every day! Today as I read her blog, I was literally laughing out loud at one part she wrote. As is the case with all my blogger friends, we only know each other through blogging, and even though we are in different parts of the world with different cultures, and even from different generations, I look so forward each day to reading her blog. Amel is such an interesting person with the most positive attitude toward life! And best of all, she loves God and gives Him credit for the wonderful blessings in her life. I have learned a lot from this young lady and I appreciate her wonderful blogs.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30


Amel's Realm said...

OHHHHH Kathy, I'm SO moved that you mentioned me in such a way!!! THANK YOU!!! HUGS!!!

As to headaches, I HATE headaches, too, so I'm glad yours is gone now after you reduce your caffeine intake. Eating healthy food is also a very nice step! ;-D GOOD LUCK in keeping this up!

And you're right about smiling and laughing. ^_____________________^ LOVE the verse! ;-D

Strawberry said...

Kathy - cutting caffeine is difficult but certainly worth it! Drinking plenty of water could help headaches as well - apparently when we get slightly dehydrated, that can cause a headache. I suffer with those and sometimes for a week or more! It is not fun!

As for the eating right - that is something we struggle with in our house. My family does not like fruits and vegetables much (unless they are in a pie or fried!!!).

I will check out Amel's blog.

Blessings to you today!

matt said...

My new goal today is to make everyone I see smile. Even people I pass driving home.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Kathy
Again..... Amel is very sweet and I like reading her blog too.
I get migraines every year.Luckily its down to one every year.Strangely after I started running,it has stopped.So that motivates(forces) me to run.
Ever since I got my tooth pulled I have been trying to get down to my normal weight.So far its been okay.I use to track calories eaten and it helps me be accountable.
Also small changes help like bread.....I cant stop eating bread and rice but I eat the white brown bread etc etc

Mark said...

Cutting the caffeine was very wise. Why not cut it out all togegether. I was a caffeine addict. I drank coke for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in the evening. I gave it all up about 7 months ago and I feel much better!
Amazing what you can do when you decide you want to.
I love how you are changing your eating habits too. Great for you. You should be very proud of yourself.

Ross said...

I'm a little bit conflicted here, because . . . coffee makes me smile!

Kathy said...

Amel, I really do enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

Strawberry, I'm definitely into the water drinking, but probably don't drink enough during the day. Your family sounds like true southerners!

Matt, you are already making your blog readers smile!

Frasypoo, I haven't heard about the I might have to check that out.

Mark, thanks for the encouragement. I do plan to try to gradually cut out the caffeine completely.

Ross, that is so funny, but it is so true!! :-)

Denise said...

Laughter is very good for the soul.