Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

I felt like Mr. Rogers today. I wore this nice, professional-looking black suit jacket to work, along with my beautiful Onyx bead necklace my hubby gave me for Christmas. I always try to dress up with a professional look for work, however my clothes usually don't quite look the way I want them to look. But this morning I felt pretty good about my outfit. When I got to my desk I noticed that the collar of the black jacket was bothering me because it comes up too high at the back of my neck. So, I took off the jacket and replaced it with the old worn black sweater that I keep at my desk. That's when I felt like Mr. Rogers. In case anyone is not familiar with Mr. Rogers, it was a show that use to be on public TV. I have no idea whether or not it still comes on. But at the beginning of every show, Mr. Rogers would sing "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" and he would be walking into the house, changing from his coat into his sweater, and changing from his regular shoes into his sneakers. That is why I felt like him when I changed into my sweater.

My youngest sister is 12 years younger than I am. When she was a preschooler and I was a bratty teenager, my other sisters and I would tease her mercilessly anytime she would watch Mr. Rogers on TV. Because we were older and so much wiser (ha!) we thought the show was so silly and ridiculous. So, we deprived her of watching something that she probably really liked as a young child because we were so mean. But then when I had my first child, guess what show he liked to watch? He loved watching Mr. Rogers! By that time, I was more mature and I didn't tease him or deprive him of watching the show. And later on after he grew up, he told me that Mr. Rogers always made him feel so peaceful. I know now that it was a great and educational TV show for children to watch. So, Angie, if you are reading my blog, I apologize for teasing you and depriving you of watching Mr. Rogers when you were a little kid. I wonder if you would have turned out different if we had let you watch it. Here is a fun Mr. Rogers website you can let the kids try out.

I have no idea why I just wrote a post about Mr. Rogers. Maybe I just needed to ease my guilty conscience for teasing my sister. But on a truly important note, today my daughter starts her next semester of college. To my praying blogger friends, I would really appreciate your prayers for her as she starts her classes. She is plagued with anxiety, but I know that God can heal her from this and help her through.


Sandi said...

Mr Roger's show in video. The Mr. Rogers died a few years ago. I was like you too. Teased the younger sister but when my kids were little they loved it.

Kay said...

I used to watch him, but only because there were no other kid show on in those days.
I like him better now that I am an adult than I did then.
He was a Christian man, you know. A former pastor.
I think God used him greatly in through his show.

74WIXYgrad said...

Can you say "word verification?" Sure. I knew that you could.

Amel's Realm said...

I don't know about Mr. Rogers at all. I'll remember your daughter in my prayers, though. :-))))

sister sheri said...

Sometimes we just gotta write what is on our mind. Isn't it great to have comfy sweaters to change into?

matt said...

"It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?..."

BP said...

I don't think I watched him much. I know the song though and knew what you meant when you were talking about him.

Hope your daughter's semester is off to a wonderful start.

Tracy said...

I loved that show as a kid. Brings back such memories.

Lil' Sis said...

Thank you for the apology because I have been devastated by the deprivation of Mr. Rogers all of my life...ha, ha. Seriously, I think having a big sister like you has helped me be the person I am today and that is much better than Mr. Rogers could have done! Love you!

Sindi said...

Don't feel bad about the whole Mr. Rogers thing. If she really wanted to watch it I think she would have when you were not around. I was never allowed to watch him. My Mother forbid his show to be on any T.V. in the house.

I have to admit that I did sneak and watch it a couple of times when she wasn't looking. If you ever meet my Mother and tell her I did I will denie it. HE HE HE HE I think I would still get in trouble if she ever found out.

I will add your daughter to my nightly prayers. I think she will do fine. God Bless:)