Monday, January 21, 2008


Amel gave me this award! Thank you so much, Amel! I hope that you know how much you cheer me up also! I love this picture because I've been watching "I Love Lucy" as long as I can remember and this was one of my favorite episodes!

This award originated from Ann, who elaborated the meaning of this award as such:
"Most of us know who and what cheers us up- what we don't know is how we cheer up others or if we're making a difference in their lives. That's because we let too much time go by without telling those we appreciate how much they mean to us, until it's too late and the opportunity slips away."
"The bloggers I nominated cheer me up like Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, a box of Peanut Butter Panic from Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and a copy of a picture I have in my home of Lucy and Ethel on the job at a candy company."

I pass on the You Cheer Me Up award to my two friends who cheer me up because they are true fans and supporters of A Plea for Purging, Ross and Uriah.


And Warren Peace gave me this next award.

Here is what he had to say about it...

In keeping with the guidelines of the award, here are three descriptors that I consider key to powerful writing. Honesty, Humility and Honor.
Here's how the award works:
Distribute this award to those people who have blogs we love and can’t live without, blogs where the writing is good and powerful. I thought interested members could kick things off by publishing the award on their own blog, naming five people they would like to give it to, and accompany the image with three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful. The recipients then do the same, passing it on to five other people, and so on.”

I pass this on to everyone listed as my blogger friend!


uriah said...

Thank you Kathy! You cheer me up. I don't get a chance to always post on my blog, but I always try to stop by your blog to read it. It cheers me up and I love that you support your son in his band.


Juliana RW said...

Congratulation for ur awards, Kathy ;)

Ross said...

Wow, thanks Cathy! And my parents said that listening to metal wouldn't get me anywhere in life . . . .

(I wonder if you've ever said anything similar in the past?)

Ross said...

Ooops -- "Kathy"

Kathy said...

Ross, if I didn't say it out loud, I probably thought it!

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