Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Favorites

True Story: It was 5:25 this morning and I was enjoying that last half hour of sleep before time for the alarm, when I heard something. Hubby was asleep beside me, so it wasn't him. Someone was in my house! A light went on in another part of the house and then I see the figure of a man walking into my room! And then I heard the voice...... "hey Mom." It was Aaron. And the rest of the band. He apologized for dropping in unexpectedly and then said that he'd sent me a text. Well, I think you know how a feel about texts, but a text sent in the middle of the night when my phone is turned off, with information that I need before I get up the next morning??? All I can do is just shake my head and laugh! To be honest, I really wasn't surprised that they came since I knew they are playing about 50 miles from here tonight. I'm always happy to see them.

This line of communication that my son chose to use just wasn't open at that time of the night. But I'm so glad that my Father's line of communication is always open no matter what time of day or night. If I wake up in the middle of the night with something weighing on my mind, I can pray right then, I don't have to wait until daylight. If I see one of my kids driving away, I can ask God to protect them and keep them safe. He is always there and always hears my prayers. And what's even better, He already knows what I need before I ask for it.

My Friday's favorite is Amel's post from yesterday, Addicted to Hubby. I love seeing people enjoying their marriage!

Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice. Psalm 55:17


Amel's Realm said...

Oh must've been surprising! I just woke up and you heard something in the house. Gladly it was your son and his band. I know how happy you're when he's able to come to the house and spend time with you. ;-D

You're right about God. Many times I worry when I can always turn my worries to Him. I've gotta learn to talk to God more often and surrender everything and not try to control everything...

By the way, THANKS for nominating my post in your blog!!! ;-D

Sandi said...

It sure is good God is alway there for comuntication and we don't have to figure out text first.

BP said...

Oh what a surprise! Are they staying through the weekend?

Kathy said...

BP, no, they had to continue on tour. They only slept here a few hours and then left. I'm glad we're in sort of a central location so they can stop in and do that when they need a place to stay.