Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aaron home!

This week I am off work for the whole week. Yea!! When I was trying to pick out which week to take off I had to check my work calendar to make sure none of my co-workers were off, I had to check my daughter's work schedule to make sure she would be off, and my husband requested that I choose a time when his summer job of driving buses wouldn't be so busy. The only week I could come up with was this one so I asked off and we started trying to decide where to go for this vacation. We thought about all kinds of places far away from home but during the planning stages we found out that Aaron, our son, was going to be coming home this week. This is the first time his band has taken a week off since they started touring over a year ago, so the only time we ever see Aaron is when the band is playing in our city. And at those times it's him and his band, and usually like one or two other bands. But this time he's planning to be home for this week that I'm off work, and without all the other guys. Wow! God is so good! It is so amazing to see how he can work things out in our lives without us even knowing what's going on. If we had all tried to coordinate a certain week to be on vacation together, we never could have come up with one.
So, we just ended up taking a weekend trip to the beach. We had great weather and enjoyed it, and when we got home Monday, Aaron was here. We enjoyed visiting with him last night and hearing about his life on the road and all the new music his band is working on. It is so great to have our whole family together again. I miss the days when the kids were little, but I can't dwell on that because I will get sad. I just can't believe how fast they grew up and how quickly life passes by. If you still have young children at home, make the most of every minute with them. Because when they grow up and move out you will wonder how it all happened so fast.
This weekend, the rest of the guys in the band will be coming here to play a show and start their next tour. Another band will also be staying at our house after the show that night, as well as a few of the girlfriends. I guess the girls will stay in Leah's room and all the guys will be wherever they can find a floor spot to put their sleeping bags. It's always a lot of fun!


Amel's Realm said...

AWWWW I'm HAPPY for you and I'll remember your words about kids. I've got no kids yet but someday I hope God'll give me some he he he...

HAVE MORE MAGICAL moments with your entire family!!! ;-D

Max said...

Hello Kathy!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and leaving such a lovely comment :).
Yes, I love the book "song of Solomon": it's beautiful!!! So, you did a song, huh? You're talented...

I read you are on vacations: enjoy them!!!
I must say that I like the way you organised them: I'm impressed!