Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poll results

As I write this, there are only two hours left to vote in my poll. Since I'm pretty sure the final result will be Yes, I have already decided to throw the party for my husband. He found out about it the other day so I had to confess. Then he told me that he didn't want a party so I asked him should I un-invite the people, but he said no. I think he's getting used to the idea now and I am sure he will enjoy getting to visit with the relatives and others who will come. Now I am trying to figure out what foods to serve in addition to cake and ice cream. This party will not be a sit down dinner, but a drop-by-after-work type thing. Let me know if you have some finger food suggestions. I need help!


matt said...

I voted yes. For my father's 50th we had a surprise party with everyone wearing black. I'm just glad he didn't enter the house while releasing bodily functions with everyone there. Anyways, it was fun, your husband will enjoy it. By the way, your daughter is a cutie, wink, wink.

Azzitizz said...

A couple of suggestions for finger food that are really quick and simple are....

Bacon swizzles
Bread sticks wrapped in bacon and cooked in the oven until crisp.

Mini Pizzas
Slices of french stick or baguette topped with a slice of tomato, grated cheese of your own choice, and any other topping you like (peas, onion whatever) and just grill them until the cheese bubbles.
Hot or cold, they go down really well. Yum.

simply me said...

Sorry I missed your poll , I hope your going ahead with the party, a chance to share food, laughs and memories is always a good idea.And celebrating 50yrs WOW. Maria UK

Strawberry said...

Quick finger food - cream cheese covered with jalapeno jelly and served with crackers! MMMM

Another option - cream cheese softened, add garlic salt, season salt, chili powder (just a pinch), grated cheddar or monterey jack cheese. Combine and let set in fridge overnight. Serve with crackers.

NeoAuteur said...

A person's 50th birthday is an important milestone. He may not like the idea of you throwing a party for him now, but he'll appreciate it later.

Love For Child said...

I am happy to know, that you will throw the party for your husband. I voted YES, and YAY!!!

As for the finger food, maybe some small sandwiches, and something that won't be messy and easy to walk and eat.:) And, I believe, it is great when you have small plates of different fruits. I am sure birthday party is going to be wonderful!!!