Friday, July 27, 2007

Christian Bands and Christian music

I would like to mention some bands and musicians that I like a lot. I will put links to their websites so you can just click on the band name and it will take you there if you'd like to hear some of their music.

I mentioned Rush of Fools in a previous blog, but if you have not yet heard their hit single, "Undo", please go and listen to it. Or watch the video here if you'd like. It's a great song whether you are into Christian or just pop music. I know the lead singer personally and I know that his life reflects what he sings about. I've met the other guys in the band also, and I believe they are the same way.

Another band whose music I really love is Casting Crowns. While the music and singing is really good and professional, I think the best thing about them is that their lyrics really say something with deep meaning. Check them out if you haven't heard them yet.

I've recently found Jaime Jamgochian on My Space, and I really like her music. She has a beautiful voice and again, one thing I really listen for in music is what the lyrics say. Her music is very worshipful and peaceful.

Now, for the younger people who like the harder, heavy metal music, I have to put in a plug once again for the band that my son is in, A Plea for Purging. This kind of music is completely different from the ones listed above, but I know there are kids out there who like it. I realize that some people from my generation probably don't even believe that this type of music could possibly be "Christian", but it is. They might be coming to a city near you soon!

Hope you've found some music here that you will enjoy!


Sindi said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I greatly enjoyed reading your blog as well. You seem to be some one I would enjoy talking too. Here is my e-mail if you would like to chat sometime,

Strawberry said...

Kathy - another band with lyrics that seem to be a little "in your face" is Newsboys. I know when listening you may not catch all the meaning, but they really do have some wonderful lyrics.

Stephen Curtis Chapman is one of my favorites! There is a link on my blog to his. Don't remember the web address. :)

stanley said...

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Kathy said...

Thanks to each of you for your comments! Strawberry -- I actually love the Newsboys and got to see them at our Jubilee Cityfest one year. They gave a wonderful concert! And Stephen Curtis Chapman also came to the cityfest another year, so we felt incredibly blessed to get to have him in our town. He is incredible!

matt said...

Kathy, I want you to review some good hard rock, that would be great. jk. I always love some good christian music. There are some really great bands out there. One of my personal favorites is Jars of Clay. Truly awesome. I also love how christian rock/pop is going mainstream big time with some new fresh sounds.

Nina said...

Hi Kathy,
I was just looking through your posts and this one caught my eye. I LOVE Casting Crowns. What I love about them is that, especially on their first CD - they really preach to the church. That is so refreshing to me. Some Christians don't like getting their toes stepped on. I don't mind at all -
complacency is my biggest source of guilt and fear as a Christian. I also love Third Day and Building 429. They have more of a hard rock guitar sound and great lyrics also.
Wow, sorry this was long. Like I said in my blog, I REALLY love music!

Anonymous said...

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