Sunday, July 15, 2007


Aaron, about 20 years ago

Here is the grown up version of Aaron the drummer

I have to dedicated a blog to each of my children. This one is for Aaron, my firstborn. It all started on my 24th birthday when this precious boy was born. Yes, he was born on my birthday. He was so cute and had a headful of long hair. He learned everything so quickly as he was growing up. One thing I remember when he was just learning to talk was that I had to work at night and his daddy would keep him up until I got home from work. Sometimes, they would be waiting for me at the open window and when I drove up Aaron would start saying in the most excited voice, "Mommy home! Mommy home!" Ohhh, what special memories -- I can still hear his little voice being so excited to see me. We really had so much fun with him.
He played baseball starting from about age 6 through 7th grade, I believe. Back then, I dreamed of him becoming a professional baseball player one day. But he quit baseball and started playing soccer and then I thought well maybe he could do really well and be a star soccer player. But it didn't really matter to me whether he was the star player or not, I just loved watching him play. Then in junior high school, we encouraged him to be in band at school and to play the saxophone. So for three years, he played saxophone but by about 9th grade, he was wanting to learn drums. I never encouraged this, but he borrowed some drums from church and sat out in our garage and taught himself to play by listening to CD's and playing along with them. He joined his first garage band a short time later and then became the drummer of the youth praise band at church. I really thought all this drum playing was a passing phase, but as he nears his 25th birthday, and makes his living playing the drums, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe this is more than just a phase :).
I am proud of my son and I'm glad that he's getting the opportunity to follow his dream. As I've mentioned before, he is in the band called A Plea for Purging, and they tour full time. I don't know where this will all go, but I am most thankful that Aaron loves the Lord and is a committed Christian.

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