Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Plea for Purging

If you don't care for heavy metal music, then you might not want to check out this band. However, I have a special interest in the band, A Plea for Purging, because my son just happens to be the drummer. I have to admit that I never got into the metal music, but when this band started touring full time over a year ago and played one of their first shows in my town, I wanted to show support to my son and go to hear the music. I was pretty much in shock and awe the first time I went to one of their shows. I couldn't believe those strange sounds were actually coming out of a human being. To me, it sounded like a demonic spirit. But now after going to hear them play quite a few times, I have actually developed an appreciation and yes, even enjoyment for Plea's music. As I listen to them, I mostly focus in on the drums of course, because I think Aaron is an awesome drummer, but I also really enjoy the guitars. Blake and Lyle are super talented guys and you can tell that it is so much more than just noise -- these guys are doing stuff on the guitar that not too many people can do. I love it! And then there's John on the bass, and I don't know much about bass guitar, but I can tell that he knows what he's doing and watching him play is thoroughly entertaining. Andy is the singer, but I wouldn't really call it singing. I'm not sure what you call it, screaming, hollering, growling; but whatever it's called, Andy can do it! I love these guys so much and I know that they are doing what they feel the Lord has called them to do. They are out traveling to a different city every day in a van that sometimes breaks down because they want to minister to teenagers. They love what they're doing, but I know it's a hard life. They are now going into the studio to record a CD with Facedown Records so they'll be off the road for a few weeks. I pray that God will bless these guys!

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