Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Suggestions Needed

I feel like I've kinda neglected my blog lately, as well as reading other blogs. I've had several extra things going on which has kept me from having enough time to do everything. So this post will just be some miscellaneous thoughts.

One day last week I won tickets on the radio to our city's Riverfest. We have this really nice amphitheater by the river and Matthew West and Sonic Flood were to play there Saturday night. First, a local band played and then some guy talked for a while and then it was time for Matthew West. By that time it was raining, so we sat in the rain and listened to this great Christian singer/songwriter. If you listen to Christian radio at all, I'm sure you've heard some of his music. When he finished, Sonic Flood didn't get to play because it was raining harder and they cancelled the rest of the show because of "liability". I wanted to hear the band but I was also soaked and was glad to go home and get dry.

Yesterday, I was at work and it was around the time most people go to lunch. I got two phone calls from people who work there telling me they saw that my car had a flat tire. Thankfully, I work with some people who are very nice and several of the men offered to change the tire, and someone even took it to the tire place, had it repaired and brought it back to work and put it back on my car. Since my husband works 25 miles out of town, he was really grateful for this help.

Some of you might remember that I recorded a CD for my mother for Christmas. Well, I am now working on a new instrumental CD, but this one will be all original music written by me. That way, if I decide to sell it, I won't have any copyright issues to deal with because I own the copyright to all the music. I am having a great time arranging all the music because I'm playing all of it on my synthesizer. It has all kinds of sounds so sometimes I am using nature sounds in the background of the music. This music is all slow, soothing, relaxing music which would be great to play when you are trying to go to sleep. All I need is a title. Here are some of the titles of the songs on the CD -- Dreams Come True; Magical Sleep; Reflections; Lullaby; Solitude. There's more, but what I need is your help in coming up with a title. I would like for the title to give some idea of the purpose of the CD which is relaxation. I thought about something like "Dreamless Sleep". If you have a suggestion for a CD title, please leave me a comment with your idea. Anyone who gives a title suggestion will get one of my CD's if you want one.


Strawberry said...

Kathy - I am so excited for you. How about "Peace and Rest" or "Reflections of My Soul"? I think I like the last because the music is a reflection of who you are and what you believe! Thanks for sharing this news with us. I really am thrilled to know you are doing this! My sweet husband writes music - lyrics and melodies - occasionally.

Lori said...

I would love to have one of your CD's Kathy. If I can may I buy one from you. I don't want to wait for the new one but if I have to I will. I love listening to music on my route, that is what keeps me going.

Thank you so much for praying for my son. I love you dear friend. If God allows I would love to meet you someday.


Kentucky Bound said...

Wow! What an awesome project. I'd love to hear your music when it's available!

How about "Peaceful Reflections"? It sounds as though it's the type of music I like to listen to when my mind is bogged down with "stuff". It is so refreshing to just "escape" into the melody for a few moments.


Kathy said...

These suggestions are great!! Please keep them coming. And thanks for your support -- just keep in mind this whole thing is being done by an amateur. But I got my husband to lie down on the bed and listen to a couple of the ones I've already recorded and it totally worked! He fell asleep for two hours!

Lori, I would love to give you one; no need to buy it.
I will always be glad to pray for your Aaron (a special name!).

BP said...

That is so neat you got to see Matthew West. I enjoy his music.

I'm excited to read about your cd! It sounds fantastic.

Two words that come to mind with your description of the songs you have are soothing and calming. Another comment had reflections in it, maybe Soothing Reflections.

Lori said...


Here is my email address. I would love one of your cd's.


If you will let me know how I can get one I would be grateful.


Anonymous said...

I have been sleeping terribly lately and I don't know why. Let me have one of your CDs and I bet I can come up with a good name if it helps me sleep better. Sleep will surely inspire something from me.
Love ya
Lil' Sis

Pilgrim said...

This is awesome Kathy. I'd love to get a copy. I use thesaurus.com as a resource when cleverness is required. I searched under tranquility (a great power word) for an apt title. I actually started to relax as I thought about your post and search all the peaceful synonyms, that may be a post in and of itself.

The title that I kept coming back to, the one that stuck the first time but I dismissed as too simple but kept drawing me back was...hush.

I think I may take a nap now.

Anonymous said...

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