Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dove Awards

Tomorrow night the Gospel Music Channel will broadcast the annual Dove Awards. This is kind of like the Grammys but it's for Christian music. I am so excited for one band that has been nominated for four different awards. Rush of Fools has been nominated for new artist of the year, pop/contemporary album of the year, their song “Undo” for pop/contemporary song of the year, and “Undo” for song of the year. The reason I'm happy for this group is because I know Wes Willis, the lead singer. He goes to my church. I don't know if they will win any of the awards because they are up against some of the best artists in Christian music like Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, and they're up against Mandisa for new artist of the year. I hope I can find a way to watch this show, because I don't have that gospel music channel.

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BP said...

I was really wishing I had a way to watch it too! I don't know anyone who gets that channel. I've never seen them but always see/hear the ads and wish I could watch.