Friday, April 4, 2008


My quest to exercise more by walking 10,000 steps a day has been made so much easier because of the arrival of springtime and daylight savings time. With extra daylight after getting home from work, I've been able to wait until hubby gets home from work so that we can walk together. And I just have to say that springtime in Alabama is absolutely beautiful! We have so enjoyed seeing everything blooming during our walks -- azaleas, tulips, dogwood trees, cherry trees. And the weather this time of year, at least for a couple of weeks, is perfect. So, we've been enjoying it while we can because we know by May, the heat will be here and it won't be as enjoyable.

There are some days that I can't walk outside because of various reasons, so at those times I have to resort to walking on the treadmill. To me, it is so much harder to do that because it's boring and the treadmill is so loud I can't hear the TV. But I have found the answer that makes treadmill walking time seem to pass more quickly, and helps me walk faster. I don't have an ipod, but I still have the old walkman CD player. I have found that putting in A Plea for Purging's CD makes me walk so fast and it keeps my attention because I'm listening to that fantastic drum-playing and the extraordinary guitar sounds so much that I don't even realize that I'm exercising. I would say, try it, but I think most of my readers can't handle this hard kind of music. And it's probably only a mother's love that makes me enjoy it. But it works for me and if you decide to try it, let me know if it helps your walking routine.


Lori said...

I love Spring! It sounds like things are going well.

Happy Weekend to you,


Amel's Realm said...

Spring hasn't come here yet as it's still snowing today. Probably it'll be coming only next month for sure he he...

Glad to hear you've found solution to help you walk on the treadmill but even better, glad to hear that it's spring out there so you can walk outside. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! ;-D

Have a BLESSED weekend!

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Robin said...

Hi Kathy,

I walk on the treadmill six days a week because its not practical for me to get exercise walking with small children. We do things outside, but I don't count them as exercise...

I make my treadmill time pass quickly by reading and praying. Of course while reading my hands are flying back and forth, but holding a book firm and turning pages on the treadmill book holder... You have to do what you have to do :)

Spring is gorgeous here too - must be everywhere :)