Monday, October 8, 2007

A Plea for Purging

We had a great weekend! I've mentioned several times before that my son plays drums in a band called A Plea for Purging. Their new CD came out last week and is in some stores now, and Saturday night they had their CD release show at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee. Our daughter came home and went with us up to Nashville for the big show. We always like to support the band and watch them play whenever we have the opportunity, so that's why we went all the way to Nashville. The guys did great as always, and it was so special to get to spend some time with both of our kids during the weekend. After the late night Saturday, we got together with Aaron on Sunday and spent the day in Nashville. Below this post I will add a couple of pictures and videos that I took at the show.

I realize that some Christians are not able to accept the type of music this band plays. It is loud and you can't understand the words and the band members have tatoos and piercings. I didn't understand it either before I got involved. You need to know, that I am one of the most traditional type people you'll ever meet. But since my own son's life revolves around this type music right now, I've had to open my mind to some new things and new ways of taking the gospel to the world. There are kids out there who love this kind of music and won't set foot inside a church. But they will go to a heavy metal concert. Then bands like this one get the opportunity to tell these kids about Jesus. If you are a praying person, I would ask that you please pray for these guys. They are on the road every day. They pretty much live in the van and stay in homes of whoever will give them a night's shelter. We always let them stay in our house when they're in our city, along with one or two others bands. Our house isn't big but sometimes we'll have 15 or 16 people sleeping all over the place. They are just so thankful for a floor to sleep on and a bowl of cereal to eat. But we get such a blessing every time because we've met some awesome people who we would not have met otherwise.

This is a picture of Aaron at the drums during the show. It might be too dark to see well.

This is a picture of the band during the show.

It was great to see so many friends and to meet some new ones in Nashville this weekend....Julie, Blake, Andy, John, Lyle, Josh, Nick, Kim, Wendy, Killeen, Lauren, Alyssa, Allison, the guys in Once Nothing, and new friends Sarah and Megan.


Ross said...

Yep, Plea slays. Killer tunes, fun attitudes, impromptu humor -- what's not to love?


Amel's Realm said...

Ohhhh...glad to hear you had a good time with your kids and your friends. ;-D

CONGRATS on your son's band's CD release! May God bless them more and more with creativity and protect them everywhere they go!

Sandi said...

I too learned it is all kinds of music that can be a testimony. I never liked the loud music where you couldn't hear the words but then a dear friends child got involved and a group and we went and support the group. I was an eye opener to see an alter call and kids come forward. I agree all styles of music is God's music

Frasypoo said...

Hi Kathy
I am so excited,I will buy the CD.
I am like you,I never understood about diversity in music.remember when Petra came around!But now I have learnt that Christain music reaches all audiences !Praise God for your son and his band.

Live Out Loud said...

Sweet! I will pass the news around about this album to the kids and leaders in our youth department. I love to have diversity in Christian music because kids aren't going to sit down and listen to some of the mellow stuff and if that's all they know there is for Christian music, they think it's lame! So, thanks and congrats!!

Sindi said...


It was so great to read your blog. I think the word of God can be passed by any means. It does not make a difference how they heard the word,but that they heard it. God Bless.

Liquid said...

Yes! I just viewed them on You Tube. They are great! I found out about them over at WIXY's place!
Thank you both for sharing!

Jesus rocks!

....and wixy too!

matt said...

Have I ever told you that you're a cool Mom? Oh yeah, how's your daughter?

Kathy said...

Ross, I hope next time you go to a show, things will turn out better!
Amel, Thank you! I pray for that protection every day for them.
Sandi, I like to be able to understand the words myself also, but oh well, thank goodness for lyrics inside the CD!
Frasypoo, I do remember Petra from a long time ago! We thought they were hard rock.
Liveoutloud, thanks so much for spreading the word.
Sindi, you are right -- just so they hear the word!
Liquid, thanks! and thanks for stopping by my blog.
Matt, thanks! You are sweet to say that! Daughter is doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

You're the mom of the drummer from APFP? That. Is. Awesome. I love how hXc they are, yet the lyrics glorify God so much. It's beautiful.

Wes Apathy said...

I am very thankful that A Plea For Purging exists. Their lyrics give me strength at times when I felt I had none. I always pray for them. I love these guys way too much. Your son is amazing on drums!

Kathy said...

Gill, yes they are really a great group of guys! I feel pretty privileged to have a son like that!

Wes, thank you so much for that nice compliment! I also think Aaron is pretty amazing on the drums. I am so glad to know that their lyrics have helped you a lot. Thanks for praying for them.

Anonymous said...

Oh man....thats awesome...I need to get my mom to read this and I toatally agree! I just gave an informative speach about "Christian hardcore/metal" it owned....

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I just saw them night before last in Lynchburg,VA. They are unafraid to speak Christ's name. and they make some brutal metal.

Lacey said...

hello Kathy,
I don't know you...but just wanted to say thanks for not putting your son down for the type of music he plays. people will never know how much bands like his can reach out to people. i've never scene your son play live but i have them on my itunes playlist. I've got lots of friends who won't step into a church but i send them music from plea for purging and other bands like oh sleeper and august burns red and it can help open them up for me to give my testimony. You're an awesome mom and your sons band is doing awesome things! congrats!

richmond, Indiana