Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Favorites

This year's presidential campaign has been so different from any other that I can remember. I'm not big into politics and I don't feel educated enough on the issues to even discuss it, but there is one thing I do know. I know who I don't want to vote for in November. But no matter who wins, I can take comfort in the fact that God is still in control because Romans 13:1 says this....Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

My favorite for today is not a blog, but a statement made in an email I read recently. The statement was made by a close friend of mine, a young yet mature Christian lady. She let me read her email response to someone else who apparently had said some not very nice things about a certain presidential candidate. I thought my friend's response was very mature and very Christ-like. Here is what she said, though I will leave out the name of the presidential candidate......
"As far as politics, I am called to uplift and pray for leaders, so I have nothing negative to say about [insert name of the candidate] or any other political candidates. I plead the blood over my family (to not be deceived), our nation, world, Hollywood etc.. I pray that and thank God that He is in control and that Americans will use biblical wisdom and discernment when choosing our leaders."

I like this so much because I realized that so many people, me included, say such negative things about the candidates that we don't like when we should really be praying for Americans to use biblical wisdom and discernment when we vote. I do believe we need to let the truth be known about where each candidate stands on the issues, but that can be done without attacking the person. And then, after we've researched each one and prayed for wisdom to vote wisely, if the one we feel is wrong wins, we need to remember what Romans 13:1 says --the authorities that exist have been established by God.


BP said...

I like what your friend said too. Very true. I think it is easy to just join in with the talk we hear about the election rather than stand up and not be part of the attacking.

sister sheri said...

Kathy... I'll never forget when 9/11 happened... we really got on our knees and started praying for President Bush to have wisdom and discernment at such a dire time... and it was "easy" to pray for him... but I was convicted when I realized I hadn't been praying for other presidents because I just didn't think about praying for them... boy, I wish I had prayed for them, too.