Thursday, March 20, 2008

Alabama the Beautiful

Little River Falls

Little River

The top part of DeSoto Falls

The inside of the church built around a big rock. Eddie is at the pulpit and the big rock is just behind him.

The outside of the church -- I'm standing there beside the big rock.


sister sheri said...

Looks like a great break from the normal routine. I love that little church.. who would've thought to build a church right there? Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

BP said...

Those are great! Thanks, Kathy! I love the falls one.

Have a great weekend!

Amel's Realm said...

GREAT pics!!! That church looks AWESOME! ;-D

Kay said...


Kathy said...

I forgot to mention that the person who built the church is buried inside the rock!! We have worshiped there several times when we've been on vacation on Sundays.

Nina said...

Incredibly cool... all of it - the falls, the church... was Eddie preaching? :) Northern Alabama hmmm? I may have to look into it. It may be close enough for us to go to.

Kathy said...

Nina, yes it is about 50 miles south of Chattanooga off Interstate 59.
Eddie does look like he's really into a great sermon, doesn't he?