Thursday, February 14, 2008

Josiah Leming

If you've been watching American Idol, then I'm sure you know exactly who Josiah is. He's an adorable 18-year old singer who auditioned for the show in Atlanta and made it through to the Hollywood auditions. In his original televised audition he sang acapella, a song that he wrote called To Run. It impressed the judges even though this Tennessee boy sang with a British accent. And then in Hollywood he wowed the judges and the audience with a song about Grace Kelly. But at his last audition he chose to sing acapella again rather than use the band provided by American Idol. He'd not slept much the night before and was extremely tired and emotionally drained. Sadly, the song didn't go well and the judges thought he was being arrogant by dismissing the band. But they put him through to the next round anyway. But last night they aired the show of who made the 24 finalists and Josiah didn't make it. I wasn't home so I missed seeing it.

I have to admit that I fell in love with Josiah and I think he has a lot of potential in music. And the fact that American Idol chose to follow him through the whole process will only help him in his music career. I hope that he can get picked up by a great quality label and that he can learn to accept the advice of those who know what they're talking about. So, remember his might be hearing it a lot more in the future.


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It's great to know another Christian liked Josiah too. i checked out some of his You Tube video's after they let him go. My husband and I were worried about what would happen to him if he was living in his car in Hollywood :-)