Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family Updates

A Plea for Purging had some time off and got to go home to Nashville for a few days. It was a much needed rest for them, and the best part for Aaron was that his girlfriend surprised him by being there also. I am so thankful they were able to spend some time together because his life on the road is difficult on relationships. They are back on tour again now in the southeast, so maybe, just maybe I'll see them at some point. Lord, I pray for continued blessings on this group and I pray for safety and protection on the highways and interstates. Please help them to always do what they're doing for You and Your glory.

Leah is busy, busy with college classes, her sweet boyfriend, and working at a daycare. It's amazing to see the changes that have come over her in the past year. She is maturing and becoming a beautiful Christian young lady. I have prayed for so many years for her, and to see what God is doing in her is absolutely amazing. Lord, thank you for miracles, thank you for showing me over and over again how awesome You are.

Eddie is teaching his little heart out at his school, continuing to be a favorite teacher of 8th graders. It's only his second year at this school and they've already named him teacher of the year. When a teacher is truly called to teach, it shows. Lord, thank you for allowing me the privilege of being married to a man who loves You, his family, and his students. Please guide him as he deals with kids who are at the most difficult age of adolescence.


BP said...

I'm glad everyone is doing well.

Did you have that shower yet that you were helping with? I don't know when you mentioned it, it was a while back. I've been wondering how it went.

Nina said...

Yeah, I've been curious about the shower too. It's good to hear your family is doing well. I think as women, (or maybe with everybody), much of our happiness is dependent on how life in general is going for those we love the most. I know if my husband or one of my kids is miserable, I am too. It's so wonderful when everybody's in a good place at the same time. Soak it up! :)

Lori said...

We went to see Casting Crowns last night and it reminded me to pray for your son and his ministry.


Kathy said...

BP and Nina, the shower is about a week away still, the 24th of Feb. My job is to do a fruit tray and I found a really cute one on the internet that I thought I might be able to make. I practiced this morning by getting all the stuff and trying it out. But I might end up getting Publix to do one and just pay them to do the work. But the one I tried out today, my husband liked it so much he wants to take it to Sunday School tomorrow.

Nina, of course like you said once, I'm "selective" about the things I put on my blog and I really don't broadcast the bad stuff as much as I do the good things. So, as it is with everyone else, our life surely isn't perfect, but yeah, right now things are pretty good.

Lori,thank you for your prayers! Oh, I bet Casting Crowns was wonderful! I heard that they've been nominated for several Dove awards. I also heard that Rush of Fools was nominated for best new artist of the year, or something like that.

Amel's Realm said...

I'm SO HAPPY to read this, Kathy. It's not easy to teach kids during that age. A friend of mine has just started teaching in a school in LA and at first she had a VERY hard time, but she's getting used to it now. :-)))

Kathy said...

Amel, I bet teaching in LA is a whole different kind of experience from teaching in Alabama! I hope things continue to get easier for your friend. That's a tough age for kids.

Kentucky Bound said...

Isn't it wonderful (and a little overwhelming at times) when our children reach that time in their lives (and ours)where they have grown and matured and we can step back and thank God that as hard as it was at times, we loved them through the difficult times as well as the good times and we begin to look at these young men and women in an entirely different light. With a grateful heart, we praise the Father for entrusting us with the monumental task of their upbringing.


BP said...

Thanks for the update on the shower! I hope the fruit tray turns out perfect.