Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pray Without Ceasing

I like to pray. The Bible says to "pray without ceasing" or in another translation it says "pray continually." My interpretation of this verse is to just talk to God throughout the day. Of course we need that quiet, uninterrupted time that is dedicated to praise, thanksgiving, confession, and requests to God. That is very important to Christian spiritual growth. But I have realized that all through the day, I am constantly finding myself asking God to take care of my kids, or to help me with a certain situation, or just thanking Him for little things. I believe that's what it means to "pray continually."

When I have something that is weighing heavily on my mind, communicating with God about it usually gives me peace and helps me to be able to handle the situation better. The last couple of days, I keep praying to God to please take care of Aaron and the other guys while they are traveling. But I wasn't getting the peace that I usually feel after praying. I don't know why sometimes I feel God's peace and others times I don't. It's probably just my own fears getting in the way. Here is what my concern is about....tonight, the band is playing in Arlington, Texas. They are leaving as soon as they finish playing to drive all night to Alabama because they have to take care of some business matters here first thing tomorrow morning. After taking care of the business, they are leaving here to drive to Little Rock, Arkansas to try and make it to the show there tomorrow night. That's a lot of traveling in a very short amount of time!

So, I'm sure that all through today, I'll be asking God to keep them safe and protect them. He is God; He knows where they are; God is in control; He will work things out for His purpose to prevail. What do you think -- why do we feel God's peace sometimes but not at others times?

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


matt said...

I like your thinking.

kasper794 said...

I like your blog. I'm not very religious but I have found myself praying more & more all the time. It really started over the last couple of years when I lost both of my parents.

Strawberry said...

Keep praying! We can't see His plan but He can!!!

Lori said...

I'll pray too!!!

Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Kathy!

Hmmmm...I guess I think sometimes we keep on thinking too much of "what ifs" instead of focusing on God's encompassing arms. It has happened to me before, so then I have to force my mind to stop thinking of all the "what ifs".

WOW!! Busy schedule indeed for Aaron and the gang. I'll remember him and the gang in my prayers. :-))))

The Divine Miss Em said...

I think that sometimes we don't feel God with us because we aren't paying attention to the right details. Sometimes we get so caught up in walking in the direction we think we should be going, that we didn't see the sign God left us ten steps back that told us to go the other direction. It isn't that he isn't with us. I think it might be his way of telling us to pay closer attention.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Kathy,
I am like you.I constantly talk to God.

Sindi said...

I think, and I may be wrong, that God is there but He is just watching to see how we handle troubles in life. As our Father He is not going to always give us what we want.He is making us stronger by letting us go through these troubles in our lives. He is teaching us to cope with larger worrisome problems that will come later by letting us go through the smaller ones now.

When your kids first learned to walk you held their little hands, but then you had to let go so they could learn to do it on their own. You knew if you did not let go that they would never learn. You were right there to catch them and help them but they kept looking back to make sure you were there. This is why I think at times we feel His peace and not at other times. He is always there when we need him and when we worry about things in our life. Maybe we need to trust that He is there right behind us to catch us.

It's ok to worry about your kids,that is what makes you a good Mom. From what I can tell you did a great job with them and they can handle anything that comes their way because of how prepared you made them to head out into the world.I will pray for the safety of your son and his band. God Bless :)