Friday, November 2, 2007


I wish I knew how to spell that big **sigh** of relief you let out when things finally get resolved after a long day of stress, stress, and more stress. Since I don't know how to write it in a blog, just believe me that right now I am deeply breathing a great big sigh of relief. I'm not even going into the details, but I guess yesterday when I didn't feel the peace I was hoping for, it must have been because I had a feeling things weren't going to go as smoothly today as we hoped. But to make a long story very short, the business matters Aaron had to handle here in town today took up most of the day, so they got a late start heading to Little Rock. Oh well, I've decided that it's not the end of the world if they miss their show tonight -- the business matters were much more important and are now resolved.

I would like to say a little bit about stress. First of all, I don't like it! I am not stressed very often, so it is not a familiar feeling to me. I'm normally very laid back, calm, and unstressed. But now I can understand how people who work stressful jobs or live stressful lives on a regular basis could be at a greater risk for heart attacks. I could physically feel the stress today. I felt like it was squeezing my heart, and it even affected my appetite. I had some wonderful food for lunch but I couldn't even eat it or enjoy the little bit I did eat. If I was under stress very often, I'm sure I would weigh a lot less! But not even for weight loss would I be willing to live that way all the time. I am ready to go back to my calm, peaceful, stress-free existence.

To all my blogger friends, thank you for your sweet and encouraging comments. I hope you each have a wonderful, peaceful, stress-free weekend!

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7


NeoAuteur said...

It's nice to hear that stress does not play a big role in your life. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much stressed out in almost every aspect of my life. Btw, thanks for your kind words regarding the fire situation.

Lori said...

I pray you have a wonderful weekend too! I'm still praying for you.


Sindi said...

It is wonderful to hear that you are not stressed anymore. I hope you have a very lovely weekend and a nonstressful one too. God Bless:)

Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Kathy!

I'm also like you...normally calm and serene, so I don't like stress, either. It's really ruining everything.

Hope you're better now. And I agree COMPLETELY with you...even though stress can make me lose weight, I wouldn't trade it for my peace of mind. ;-D

Nina said...

So sorry you had one of those stressful days and glad it's over. Of course I'm a few days late and a bunch of dollars short, so I just caught up. I hope they made it to Little Rock OK.
And thank you SO much for the sweet award! ( I just now saw that too! )

Anonymous said...

stress is what happens when we get out of our comfort zone! I had it recently trying to decide on a woodstove, after a lot of research I finally picked one and trusted God that I had done the best I could in the decision... We try so hard not to miss His will, I was getting so stressed over picking my next college courses. God doesn't always give us neon lights to tell us which choices are right, but if we use common sense and pray He will intervene if we get off target, we can just trust He is big enough to speak to us and get the message through!!! Praying everything falls into place for you, and you know His peace in EVERYTHING! Hugs! Cheryl