Saturday, November 10, 2007

5 Most Annoying Things

I've been tagged by Amel to do this meme. I had to think about it a little while but I think I've come up with five things.

1. It really annoys me when people stay on personal phone calls while they're at work and being paid to do a job. We all have to deal with personal things at work once in a while, but I'm talking about people who do this on a regular basis and it causes their co-workers to have to pick up their slack.

2. It annoys me when my favorite football team, Alabama Crimson Tide, lets another team like, Miss. State, beat them. Yes, I was very annoyed Saturday, but congrats to your school

3. I do not like for anyone to wake me up after I've fallen asleep at night, even if I fell asleep on the couch or in the recliner. Just leave me alone and I'll wake up eventually.

4. I find a lot of things at work that annoy me, but I can't mention some of them because I really need my job. But one thing that bothers me is people who have reserved parking spots not using them but using the metered parking spaces because they are near the building. By doing this, they are taking up places that visitors need, or places that newer employees need while no one is using their reserved spot. It is so selfish.

5. A "sue-happy" society. Some people want to sue for every little thing that goes wrong in their life. They found a fly in their hamburger at a restaurant so they want to sue the restaurant. Why don't they just go out and get a job if they need money?


Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Kathy!

I enjoyed reading your list. ;-D Speaking of a "sue-happy" society, I think in Indo the problem is the other way around, 'coz when you really have a good cause to sue somebody, you'll be ripped off by the laywers and you can't really win, either. It's just crazy.

Sindi said...

This post kind of made me giggle a little. I am the same way about where i fall asleep. I hate to be woke up. I know what you mean to about people being unthoughtful. If they don't want to use the recerved spot then give it up to someone who does. God Bless:)

matt said...

I just got back in town and to a computer. I didn't get to watch because I was in a wedding but I had updates coming in. I was excited. I still love you Kathy.

Holly Newton said...

I love this blog (exept for number 2 which i could care less about :) ). Your always so possitive so its nice to hear you tell what bothers you from time to time. I SOOO agree on the personal phone calls. But hey, if you cant beat em join em ...wait, thats a bad outlook, may get you fired...dont do that...