Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm Thankful for Yesterday

Thanksgiving will be here soon and I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and relatives, and eating the best meal of the year. But there is one down side this year, and it's that my son won't get to be home. The band will be in Arkansas so they will spend the holiday with Blake's (guitar player) family. But yesterday the band was playing in a town just outside Atlanta so we decided to drive over and see them. My husband invited three of his former students who love A Plea for Purging's music to go with us. I had so much fun hanging out with young people. I have progressed so much with this band being in my life that I've gone from not even realizing this kind of music existed to absolutely enjoying it. It's true -- I love watching and listening to Aaron's band play. The live concerts are the best, and very entertaining. I think these teenage boys we took with us had a great time and felt really special getting to hang out with a band. I know when I was 15 years old, that would have been so much fun. Here are some pictures from last night.

Aaron playing during the concert

These are the boys we took with us.

This was right after we got there and met up with Aaron. He's so silly -- always having to make faces in pictures.

This was during the concert when they were doing one of the favorite songs.

This is Lyle, one of the guitar players.

In the next two pictures, the three boys got to pose with the whole band, and their favorite teacher, my husband!

Here, they got to pose with some of the girlfriends of the band members. Don't you know they can't wait to show this off to their friends!

Here I am hanging out with the young people at the merch table.

Now, to end this, here are a couple of videos I took during the concert. See the cute drummer? That's my boy!


kasper794 said...

Great videos. That is great everyone had a good time.

Amel's Realm said...

I LOVE the picssss!!! Haven't seen the video yet but I will later. Have so many blogs to check out still he he he...

You look GORGEOUSSSS!!! Can't believe you have children that big already he he...;-D

It's COOL that your hubby invited three of his former students to your son's concert! :-))))

matt said...

What ya cooking for Thanksgiving?...Egg Bowl on Friday. I'm going too. Can't wait.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Kathy,
Those were great pictures !!Though I wish I could have been there,will show my stepson this post.
You are very pretty,I' m with Amel cannot have children that old !!!

Kay said...

Are you the blonde? You look like one of the girls!

Ok, Yes, I'm lame, square, whatever the new word is. So I have to ask. Are there lyrics to that song? Are those words?

Kathy said...

Kasper, I'm glad you liked it. We really did have a great time.

Amel, thank you! you're too kind. I thought it was really sweet of my hubby to invite these kids to go with us. It meant the world to them.

Matt, I'll probably cook a squash casserole and eat a lot of mom's good cooking! Egg bowl? I had to google that one. For me, it's Saturday and it's the Iron Bowl. Dreading it for Alabama!

Frasypoo, oh, you and Amel are too kind. Let me know how your stepson likes the pictures! The guys will be back over there pretty soon, I think in January.

Yep, I'm the blonde and the one NOT dressed in black. I told my son that I felt like the odd person at that show. I see how those kids feel out in the real world where they are the odd ones. Yes, those are lyrics that he's screaming out. I think I asked that same question the first time I heard their music.

Lori said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful for blogging friends like you. I look forward to reading all your Thanksgiving post this week.

Ross said...

Ha ha -- mom likes it now! That's hilarious -- I played in a death metal band for a while and my mom, while supportive, not so much.

Sindi said...

I just love reading about your family and seeing how much fun you have. It makes me smile everytime you talk about one of your kids because you can just feel the love you have for them. God Bless you Kat. :)