Monday, August 6, 2007

My Space v. Blogger

I wanted to post a blog today but I didn't have anything to write about. But I decided to make my confession in this post. My confession is that I have a "my space". Yes, I know, parents are not supposed to have a my space because it's for the kids. But I had it before I had the blog and I must say that I am enjoying blogging a whole lot more than "my space". But the my space page helps keep me in touch with my son's band, so that's the main thing I like about it. And it's also a way I can email my daughter since she doesn't check her regular email account. I spent a little time tonight updating my "My Space" page, so I'll leave the link here if you're interested. It's I put a new slide show with some recent pictures and there are also a couple of older slide shows.

I think blogger is so much better than "My Space" and so much more mature! What is your opinion of my space v. blogger?


indianpedi said...

I met my best friend on earth, on MySpace.
She has done up this website for me.
I'm Indian, she's American.
( we're far-away-sisters )

Eyerex said...

I've never got the buzz of myspace maybe it's because i'm over the right age or something. Setup a page for a friend and found it a complete nightmare to do where blogger was a joy as it very easy to use and keep up to date:)

Strawberry said...

The only reason I set up a myspace account was to view content of children's sites and also their friends.

I'm old fashioned enough that my children knew there was no such thing as off limits when it comes to something like this. I had access to email and anything of the sort and would occasionally check it. If they know you are watching, they are much more cautious. There are too many strange folks out there that mean harm to our children.

Kathy said...

Ms. Indianpedi, isn't the internet so cool to make it where we can meet people across the world?
Eyerex, I definitely believe my space is set up more for the younger mindset.
Strawberry, I think that's a great idea for every parent to do. Kids are starting to use the internet at younger and younger ages these days.

matt said...

I'm guessing that you, Kathy, are the cool hip mom that doesn't drive the minivan but instead the cool tahoe. You have Myspace for crying out loud. My mom doesn't even know what that is. I do agree with you that Myspace is not even comparable to this blog. Down with Myspace. I feel like I'm saying Myspace a lot in this comment. sorry.

Kathy said...

Thanks Matt. I never really thought I was cool but in the past few days, two of my kids friends have told me that I'm cool. I think they said it because I let 14 guys and girls stay at my house last weekend.

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