Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rush of Fools

A couple of days ago, Rush of Fools trailer was stolen. It had all their gear in it, so they've lost everything they need for playing music. Please pray for this band as they have to go back on the road next week -- they will need new equipment. Read their blog about to learn more about this. Wes Willis of Rush of Fools got married yesterday. It was a lovely wedding yet very simple with a relaxed atmosphere. I'm not sure how long they will leave it there, but at the moment there is a picture of Wes and Michelle on Rush of Fools my space page.


BP said...

That's sad. I hope they can recover it. I enjoyed reading their hope about it on their blog.

sister sheri said...

Thanks for sharing this request. I adore Rush of Fools!

Lori said...

I will be praying.