Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from Vacation

I have been on vacation for a few days and just got back. And I finally got to meet one of my blogger friends in person! Here's how it happened......My husband wanted to go to Kentucky to hear our son's band play this past weekend since it would be their last show on the road with their guitar player, Lyle. When I realized that my blogger friend Liz of Kentucky Bound lives near where the band was playing, I emailed her and we decided to meet. Liz and her husband drove into town after we arrived and we had a nice visit before the band arrived. I want to thank you Liz for taking time out of your day to spend with us -- we really enjoyed getting to meet you guys!! After that, Eddie and I went out to eat with the band and then we went to their show.

Next stop on our trip was the Smoky Mountains at Gatlinburg. We took the tent and camping stuff and stayed at a good campground right next to a little mountain river. Okay, maybe I'm not so fond of sleeping in a tent on an air mattress, but it really wasn't that bad especially being able to hear the water from the river just behind our tent. The first day there we went horseback riding. The second day we hiked a 2.7 mile trail up a mountain to see Rainbow Falls. We were pretty much wiped out after that! It was worth the hike because the waterfalls were beautiful, but my muscles are paying for it today! I'm sure glad I've already been walking a 2.3 mile walk most every day in my neighborhood, however, it is not the same as walking uphill the whole way. And today before we left, I walked around and shopped in Gatlinburg for a couple of hours. The rest of the day was spent driving home -- about a 7 hour drive. It was a nice trip and I thank God for safe travel! I will try to post some pictures soon.


BP said...

I look forward to your pictures. Sleeping in the tent with the sound of the water in the background sounds nice.

Lori said...

It all sounds so nice. My son and daughter-in-law spend 4 days in the smokey mountains. They just go back on Monday. My son is opening up and Auto Ports in Kentucky and has been their all summer.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


Kentucky Bound said...

Tony I really enjoyed meeting you and Eddie. We really enjoyed meeting your son and the band too! We've laughed about meeting a crew that looks like them in a back alley - but what a delightful group of young men. No wonder you're so proud of them.

Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. If you're ever back up in this area again, maybe you could take the time to come out for a tour of "the creek". Hopefully we'll have floors and walls by then! :p

Blessings and hugs!